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We made a humble beginning, Sigma Labsys Regd Trade mark of Goodfellows Industries, journey through all these years has made it a distinct face in the crowd. From a handful of products and services in the primary years, the company has achieved a phenomenal growth with respect to business development as well as market presence in water treatment products.

We are located close proximity to transport hubs. Our entire product range is meeting the stringent quality requirements of various grades. All our products carry assurance of high quality & high reliability our products constantly strives to achieve the optimum level of purity in its range.                     



With our in-depth experience & extensive technical expertise we provide our customer the quality they require. Our expertise also allows us to customize our products as per their requirement. Building strong relationships, supplying quality products and surpassing client expectations have been the key drivers of Sigma Labsys

"With Good Chemistry,Great Things Happen"

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